39 Commits (master)

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  Antonio Hern√°ndez 9b655bb052 Fixed route and router to allow for multiple variables in the path. 8 months ago
  Wirecog, LLC 781d8122d6 Provided facility for template set bundle to be sent in serverless environments, where the ability to write to disk is not available. 9 months ago
  Wirecog, LLC ba43d57ed2 Updated source code to stable state 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC f9c921db68 Added message on migration 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 259f9f9d3d Updated repo based links 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 305db2d29e Added functionality to allow for back/forward button interactions. 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC b945207be9 Corrected template bundling for Windows 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 71d291b77d Making pathing agnostic 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 30d2263362 Making pathing agnostic 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC e6f8829b2c Platform agnostic pathing. 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 509e3509f0 Made pathing platform agnostic 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 56e9b878b1 Made pathing platform agnostic 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 90404bbf33 Made pathing with regards to the static assets bundling system platform agnostic 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC e1a5258fa1 Modified definition of the Form interface. 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC ecb831c588 Removed log statement 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 58577102cf Added functionality to minify static assets. Added clientonly build tag. 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 9a45095ae3 Added setting to enable and disable the static assets bundling 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC bd31ec98b4 Added check to see if template bundle file exists 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 2b63272cc1 Made check for static template bundle option, also check to see if the template bundle file exists when gathering cog templates 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 09e1fb7084 Removed check to use static bundle when generating css and js static assets for cogs 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 7b8558b184 Added functionality to persist template bundle items to disk 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 517639528f Added functionality to change the page title when rendering pseudo pages. Added functionality to get an individual form field value. 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 49b1ba93dd Logged template errors on client-side and server-side instead of printing it 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 589a49bd82 Added functionality to associate a function map to a template set 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC df9ec24f41 Added functionality to validate form using the supplied form fields in the form params struct 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 305a19ebc8 Added query selector functionality to gather collection of links to be registered 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 126c51ad8e Added notice 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC a5f1e11117 Added functionality to generate static asset bundles for cogs 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 1785f6ecdd Added template support for cogs and refactored basic form code 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC ba4bc329d4 Updated readme file 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC f15759bef7 Isomorphic form functionality. 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 1f02d6d25d Code refactoring. 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 29f162bc23 Added GopherJS handlers and function to fetch template bundle 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 74af0bf053 Adding acknowledgements 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 4730209b65 Refactored template code. Added client-side routing. 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 268d19e752 Refactored isomorphic template rendering code 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 31baad93f4 Refactored isomorphic redirect code to be more idiomatic. Added isomorphic template rendering functionality. 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 694129ea91 Refactored redirect code 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC bcd9bfdd78 Initial import. 2 years ago