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  Wirecog, LLC 781d8122d6 Provided facility for template set bundle to be sent in serverless environments, where the ability to write to disk is not available. 9 months ago
  Wirecog, LLC ba43d57ed2 Updated source code to stable state 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC f9c921db68 Added message on migration 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 9a45095ae3 Added setting to enable and disable the static assets bundling 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 7b8558b184 Added functionality to persist template bundle items to disk 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 517639528f Added functionality to change the page title when rendering pseudo pages. Added functionality to get an individual form field value. 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 49b1ba93dd Logged template errors on client-side and server-side instead of printing it 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 1785f6ecdd Added template support for cogs and refactored basic form code 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 1f02d6d25d Code refactoring. 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 268d19e752 Refactored isomorphic template rendering code 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 31baad93f4 Refactored isomorphic redirect code to be more idiomatic. Added isomorphic template rendering functionality. 2 years ago