6 Commits (58577102cfa998df8fa97253476e6f9313ca56f2)

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  Wirecog, LLC 58577102cf Added functionality to minify static assets. Added clientonly build tag. 3 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 9a45095ae3 Added setting to enable and disable the static assets bundling 3 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 09e1fb7084 Removed check to use static bundle when generating css and js static assets for cogs 3 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 7b8558b184 Added functionality to persist template bundle items to disk 3 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 126c51ad8e Added notice 4 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC a5f1e11117 Added functionality to generate static asset bundles for cogs 4 years ago