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  Wirecog, LLC e3754fe9ff Updated repo links in import paths 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 30b2c31752 Updated repo links 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 11586c292f Updated readme 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 70ba8199a0 Code refactoring 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 246d38ef24 Fixed import 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 79d12f259c Corrected imports 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC f69e8adabc Refactored handler code. 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 42cb0ab726 Refactored template code. 1 year ago
  Wirecog, LLC 8c0a713482 Removed async attribute from script tag 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 6ad01e592d Added render template function to index handler 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC c3ef879aa8 Getting rid of view package 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 66f70b5274 Changed referenced template file name 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC f647405e32 Cleaned up main source file. 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 95b96d26e6 Code refactoring 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC b84588fa69 Renamed template file extension. 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 1f58dae263 Keep handlers organized in their own package. Render template functionality is now in the newly introduced view package. 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 5670c04103 Added go report badge 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 379de43b27 Added go report badge 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 2437edd563 Added note that kick only works on Unix-like OSes. 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC b2c033cb43 Merge pull request #1 from amankapoor/patch-1 2 years ago
  Aman Kapoor 9a3e513334 Corrected Readme 2 years ago
  Aman Kapoor 2dd94d08cd Corrected directory structure 2 years ago
  Aman Kapoor 63e9010168 Added installation instructions for Windows OS 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 5aceb15d67 Added instruction to fetch all dependent packages needed for the client side app. 2 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 38c73fb86c Initial import 2 years ago