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  Wirecog a77ec2bef5 Added IG logo to Readme 5 years ago
  Wirecog e4e7881277 Fixed go report badge link 5 years ago
  Wirecog bf2767f328 Updated links to respective projects. 5 years ago
  Wirecog 7db0a6db56
Merge pull request #1 from jro7/jro7-patch-1 6 years ago
  jro 6e1bb29338
fix typo in isogoapp url 6 years ago
  Wirecog 52655d09cc Added workaround for Windows GopherJS 1.9-1 issue. 6 years ago
  Wirecog 25d05fb7b4 Added .html and .tmpl extensions to watchlist 6 years ago
  Wirecog fba4bbc277 Added Windows Support 6 years ago
  Wirecog 9901c2f88a Removed vendoring 6 years ago
  Wirecog b64538ae31 Redirected client program stdout and stderr 6 years ago
  Wirecog a8112fced2 Changed notify message 6 years ago
  Wirecog ca36ecfbb2 Redirect standard out and standard error of the child program 6 years ago
  Wirecog 5cda5dab97 Vendoring fsnotify and sys packages. 6 years ago
  Wirecog aa6b60abe3 Added go report badge 6 years ago
  Wirecog da44c587e2 Added go report badge 6 years ago
  Wirecog bf8d4b9d24 Added note that Kick doesn't currently work on Windows. 6 years ago
  Wirecog 6f140f36ae Initial import 6 years ago