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  Wirecog, LLC f4696c8016 Updated import paths 4 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 2d4231bb67 Made pathing more platform agnostic as per Brian Ketelsen's feedback. 4 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC a957e298e4
Merge pull request #2 from bketelsen/master 4 years ago
  Brian Ketelsen ca65c95c84 This change accounts for a GOPATH that isn't set, but relies on the new defaulted GOPATH. 4 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 1925fd148f Added Start method to Cog interface 5 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 3fb718a3cf Removed check for static template bundle file setting 5 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC c5e8dd587c Added check to see if template bundle file exists 5 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC fa3ba1a2d3 Added functionality to check if a static template bundle file is being used. No need to register the cog template in this scenario. 5 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 003a4b1bc1 Added functionality to allow for clean up operations by cogs 5 years ago
  Wirecog, LLC 1e7faedce5 Initial import 5 years ago